I am a web designer. My job is to get you noticed.

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    / / Project: Fort George Community Center Website / / Skills: PSD Design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, SEO

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    / / Project: Evan Jones’s Personal Website / / Skills: PSD Design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, SEO, Copywriting

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    / / Project: Queens Library Advocacy Site / / Skills: PSD Design, Copywriting

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    / / Project: 2011 MetLib Conference Website / / Skills: PSD Design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SEO, Copywriting

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    / / Project: Arbor Solutions Newsletter / / Skills: PSD Design, HTML Templating,

Great websites get results for your business. That's why I don't just design websites that look pretty: I design websites that provide an unbeatable experience that connects with your audience, so that you convert your visitors into customers, advocates, die-hard fans and folks who leave your site with a positive impression. In short, I design websites that don’t frustrate people. And that translates into measurable results for your business.

Read up on what you get from my web skills. Gain oodles of assurance from reading my carefully crafted 6 reasons your website will rock and don't forget to check out samples of my work and see what kind of stuff I've done for clients in the past.

If you're into it, feel free to contact me if you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss or just want to chat about the state of the internet or incredibly dense Russian Novels of the 19th Century. Or perhaps something else.

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