Six Reasons Your Website Will Rock

How do you know for sure that you're getting a quality website when you work with me? I know it can sometimes be difficult to assess a designer's ability to carry out your vision over the course of a project. Therefore, I thought it'd be helpful to provide a glimpse into my design philosophy. I have six sound principles on which I build your website that place the focus on your needs and the needs of your web visitors:

Your Website is Unique

A website is different things to different clients. You may be an author looking to sell your book, an artist looking to gain exposure, a small nonprofit looking to make a difference or a consultant looking to get your business off the ground.

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to these projects is like playing the piano with drumsticks — it looks ridiculous, feels all wrong, and the sound can best be described as “ironic”. There are better ways to stand out. Like with a custom-tailored website that specifically defines your brand and makes it stand out from the competition. After all, your brand is unique...why shouldn’t your website be?

When you work with me, we’ll develop a website that translates your brand experience into an amazing customer experience. This will allow your website viewers to get exactly where you want them to go…so that they can take your business exactly where you want it to go.

Your Website is Beautiful AND Hard-Working

Being “best-dressed” does matter – you want your audience to have a positive first impression of you, and a website that looks like it’s from the salad days of web design probably isn‘t going to help much. In many cases however, the most effective websites – the ones people spend the most time on – aren’t the ones people spend a lot of time sitting around and gawking at (with the possible exception of Gawker). The best websites allow people to do what they came there for. And if they’re done especially well, perhaps, encourage people to do a little more.

Make no mistake – together, we will build an elegant, modern-looking website that looks as good as it performs. But we’ll be building something more than simply fancy. Your website isn’t going to sit in some boutique parlor of the internet, feasting upon grapes and macaroons – it's going to be the sharpest, sleekest, hardest working customer servant in your employ. It will care about your audience, anticipate their needs, and work overtime to discretely serve them that your viewers can go about their business without ever realizing that all this is going on behind the scenes. It may not sound all that glamorous, but it translates into incredible customer loyalty.

I like to think that the true beauty of web design isn’t so much about what we see, as what we never realized was even there. Work with me, and we’ll make sure your site is geared to provide an exceptional experience that not only looks great, but gets measurable results for you and your brand.

Your Website is Socially Connected

Often, you need to bring your website to the people before you can bring the people to your website. I make sure to set your website up with the latest social media networking technologies that allow you to attract your customers from popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. And once your audience is on your site, they’ll be able to push your website’s content out back to those same social media sites, adding their voice to yours.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. And it really works because in the end, your customers are your strongest advocates.

Your Website Accommodates Your Management Style

Some website owners are hands-on – they may have a distinct vision for their website, a detailed development strategy, and plan on taking a very active role in managing their site after it launches. Likewise, some website owners are more hands-off – preferring to delegate more responsibility to the designer, limit their involvement in the development process, and only touch the project periodically or hire additional help to manage the content.

Both of these approaches can produce great websites, and both require a different approach. I can give you the ability to manage your content once the site is live, but I’m not going to overload your with features if you know you’re in no position to manage them – it’s a waste of time for both of us. If you’re going to be hands-on, great! Tell me all about your plan, and together, we’ll find the best way to structure your site’s maintenance. If you’re more hands-off, again, great! We’ll brainstorm the best way to get your message across and come up with a manageable website that isn’t overloaded with stuff you don’t need right now – stuff you can always add later when you’re ready to take it on.

I know that no two clients are exactly the same, and often, they’re a little mix of both of the above. The bottom line is that your website is only as good as it is manageable. When you work with me, whether you have a lot of time or a little, you’ll have a website you feel comfortable in control of.

Your Website is Technically Proficient

You don't want your website to fall apart the moment someone views it in a different web browser. I can ensure that your website will keep an optimal look and feel for your audience across a wide spectrum of browsers and mobile devices, even those that are starting to show their age. I do this by developing smartly with web standards that are proven to work well across platforms. This means your sites will load quickly, look great, and respond well to many mobile platforms and older browsers. And if your audience is using newer browsers, perhaps they’ll even see a little something extra-cool.

You don’t want a designer who’s skimpy on skill. So feel free to check out my portfolio and see if I’m a good fit for you. It goes without saying that I have a solid grasp of Photoshop/Illustrator. A designer would be completely in the dark without those. I’m completely fluent in the latest HTML/CSS/JavaScript techniques. I also do PHP/MySQL and build custom themes for clients in WordPress. If you have a special request that goes a little outside the realm of my experience, I also have access to a network of top-notch specialists that may be willing to lend a hand.

Your Website is Your Business

You deserve to be treated like a professional. Not an assignment. I don’t approach a website the same way I would a senior thesis. You’re trying to run a business, not harmoniously transcend the thematic elements of the internet and Picasso. I make sure that every step we take, be it design, development or anything else, has a solid business justification, and that it will positively affect your bottom line. Your projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.

I love what I do, but don’t let my own creativity overshadow your business goals. If you think something in the website design isn’t helping your brand the way you’d like it to, talk to me about it. I promise not to scoff my nose or disdainfully tilt my designer's beret. We’ll come up with a solution that works for you. Because this is your business. This is your website.

…And that's how your website gets results!

That about sums it up! Hopefully you're now feeling confident that your website is in good hands conceptually. If you'd like, you can also learn more about the actual process of how your website is made when you work with me as well. If you're ready to go ahead and start the process of building your website, take the first step and contact me for your quote today!