Fort George Community Center

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Project Summary

Design a website that communicates the brand and simplifies the process of getting info from Fort George

My Role

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • WordPress

Bringing a Community Online

Fort George is an early-childhood development center offering at-risk children a wonderful opportunity for cultural enrichment through fun, educational activities. Their website needed to reflect an inviting, kid-friendly look, while offering clearly presented information for adults – who would ultimately make up the site's core audience. They had a limited budget yet needed the flexibility to update their website content without a dedicated developer on staff.

Being a small organization doesn't mean you can't have a feature-rich website, especially since Fort George already had lots of great content to offer! I decided to create a calm, pleasing blue theme with a good amount of red accents and simple, fun oval shapes that would be pleasant for children. I then leveraged all their content in the form of slideshows, galleries, and blog posts – which I knew all would be well-supported by the WordPress platform. Working with their staff, I customized and tweaked their theme until we had created a site that accurately reflected their needs.

When you combine kid-friendly aesthetics with mature presentation of content, you get a winning recipe for a community center website like Fort George.

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