Stand Up For Queens Library

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Project Summary

Redesign an advocacy website emphasizing a strong call to action.

My Role

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

Saving Libraries

In 2011, libraries across Queens were at risk of having their funds dramatically cut. While working in the Marketing Department at Queens Library, I was approached and asked to come up with a design for an advocacy website to help aid in the efforts of restoring library funding.

The most important thing the site needed to do was get visitors to sign an online petition, so I made sure the design included a very strong call to action. I focused on creating a sense of urgency and access. The site used a bold, yet minimal color scheme derived from the logo, and relied on a few dramatic images and urgent typography to draw attention to the petition. The petition itself was positioned on the left-half of the screen, where statistically, the eye spends more time. This helped promote the idea that signing the petition is the main purpose of a visit to the site. Later on, separate distinctive sections for videos and contact information were added, both in keeping with the theme of the design.

The website and online petition proved successful — Queens Library had a majority of its funding restored. Many branches remained open, many workers kept their jobs, and many Sookie Stackhouse novels continued to be checked out across Queens.

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