What you get

Whether it’s your business, your blog, your band or your wedding, I offer a variety of implementations for just about any kind of site you'd want.

What sets me apart is that I do more than make sure your site just looks pretty — I develop a design plan based around your goals that caters to your audience. Once your audience arrives on your site, they get a website designed to anticipate their needs. When those needs are met, it means they’re going to be saying great things about you.

Things I Do For You

  • Your own .com or .org domain to promote yourself.
  • A full-featured website – built on stuff like HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Ruby...yet eminently compatible with the older ones (This means YOU, Internet Explorer!)
  • Online shopping setup, because nothing rocks so hard as selling your products online
  • Social media goodness: tools to promote your website content on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media site where you wanna be heard
  • Email signup, marketing and mass-messaging. Who says email is dead? Conversion rates from email are still significant, and I can help you get there. I also do e-newsletter design to match your website.
  • Project Management – It takes a lot to know how to get all the parts in place. I provide a development schedule and routine updates, so you'll know exactly how your project is progressing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that will help your site shoot to the top in search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing and all that good stuff
  • Google Analytics – software allowing you to track and review all kinds of valuable data about the way people are using your site
  • Free Pizza!* Only for local clients living in NYC. Sorry, but a quality website deserves no less than a quality pizza. Vegetarian options available.
  • An Online Content Management System (CMS), custom themed and designed for your site using WordPress - the most popular open-source content management system available today. This lets you easily manage your website content without my help after your site is live
  • A human being – One who listens to you, cares about your project, and builds a solid relationship through ongoing communication, so at the end of the day, you can feel confident your website is headed in the right direction

Don’t see something on this list? Ask me about it! I’ve been building websites for years, so there's a good chance I can accommodate you. I also highly recommend you check out my portfolio of past work and the 6 reasons your website rock so you can get a more robust picture of my experience. Also, I have been known to partake in the Twitter and I also take pictures on Flickr (fair warning: There Will Be Cats).

Like what you see? By all means, get in contact with me and lets discuss your project! I’m a pretty easy guy to get along with, and I love reading stuff from new clients. If you’re ready to start building a site, take the first step and request a work estimate from me.